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Sikhism history

Sikhism history
May 06
19:59 2014

The history of this is religion is closely related with the history of Punjab and with the socio political situations of the medieval India. The distinctions of skihas were further enhanced by the Khalas, by Ghuru Gobind Singh in 1699, who was religions leader and social reformer in the fifteen century in the Punjab region. This religion was first time created by the Ghuru Nanak.

This religion has simple and amicable relations with all other religions of the world. During the mughal rule in the India this relations built good relations with the mughals and similarly with all other relations. On the instructions of Hindus and Sikhs some prominent and famous Ghurus of the Sikhism was martyred by the ruling mughals and as a reaction the Sikhism militarized the mughals and start oppositions of the mughal hegemony. The further disputations between Sikhs and mughals create so many differences in the concepts and cultures of both religions and the basis of different societies develops.


This leads to the establishments of the Skihs Empire and it is commonly considered the zenith of the Sikhism at the political level. This partition leads to the disputes between Muslims and Hindus and becomes the base of the Indian partition in the year 1947. The heavy conflict between Hindus and Muslims also develops on the basis of the previous religious conflicts. The teachings and the religious beliefs of the Sikhs are now found I the Ghuru Granth Sahib. The worship and prayer center of the Sikhs are known as the Gurdawara.


Sikhs reject the ideas of the divine incarnations and holds that the liberations results from being absorbed by the God. They also reject the social doctrine of the caste and focused on the equality of worships and quality among individuals of all nations. They focus on the equality of the life. They enter into the Ghurdawra into bare foot and with covered heads. Ghuru Nanak was the founder of the Sikhism and he was one among ten famous and popular ghurus of the Sikhism. They basically believe that all human are equal there is no Hindu and no Muslim. Nanak makes great efforts for his work and he make great journeys from Russia to Arabia and all other parts of the Persia. He spoke in front of the leaders of all nations and he spoke in the mosques and temples and focuses on the equality of the man and women.


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