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Razor Phone: 1st High Refresh Display Tech among Phones

Razor Phone: 1st High Refresh Display Tech among Phones
January 04
15:02 2018

It has been reported that Razor phone is not a good smartphone. Maybe it cost about $700 only but as noticed on the paper, it has the ability to compete with the other Android smartphone. It competes with other Android flagships. I will not recommend this smartphone to you guys, as personally, I did not like it. I would like to give you guys the description of this smartphone & those related points are as follows:

  • It has fast processor which is based on the Snapdragon Qualcomm 835 process & this really works fast
  • The RAM memory is based on the 8GB
  • There is a system of dual camera functioning
  • A high resolution based display is the best ability of this phone
  • The speakers on the phone are super loud stereo based

There can be many features of this smartphone but you will come to know only when you will try to use it after you buy it.

Practically, beyond the features of this smartphone which have been described above, there are some drawbacks of the phones which could divert your mind towards the buying of the phone. Those drawbacks are as follows:

  • It is a big phone to handle
  • It feels like clumsy thing
  • The camera result is highly terrible
  • Unfortunately, the battery life is also average
  • It is not water resistant phone
  • There is no availability of the headphone jack

If we exclude the drawbacks of the Razor phone, the one advantage we can take from this smartphone is that it has a bright as well as the refreshing display (super high refreshing). This is the 1st smartphone with this ability. This technology is exactly like Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5.

A big display is always liked by the gamers who used to like the big display screen. The interface is also good. The high resolution & refreshing display of the Razor phone is a good place for all of the apps available. If you are a gamer & want a perfect large display, then it is a perfect combination for the gamers. It is well-recommended. Go for it now!

Razor Phone: 1st High Refresh Display Tech among Phones - overview
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4out of 5
4out of 5
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Summary: Razor Phone has been regarded the best smartphone for the gamer who like to play the games on a big display.

4 Good
4 out of 5


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