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April 01
18:36 2015


Mercedes-Bens S-Class coupe is one of the top models. It is simple but elegant look embodies the design of automaker that is known as sensual purity. The turbocharged V8 engines of the coupe are expressively powerful as they are capable and refined. Interiors are swathed from to bottom in finest materials. There are two versions of the coupes the S63 and the S550. For the people having craze of speed will be able to buy S65 AMG coupe very soon that will come up with V-12 power.

The S550 uses the 4.7 liter twin turbo V8 and thus make 449 horse power and 517 lb-ft torque. The 7-speed automatic transmission is conventional hydraulic unit. While the S63, Mercedes fit a hand-built 5.5 liter mill paired along with the 7-speed multi-clutch gearbox. The output figures for the S63 are more impressive: 615 lb-ft and 561 hp. With any one of the engines the s class coupe is very good and quick. Triple-digit velocities arrive hastily while the refinement of the coupe and refinement and stable dynamics mask sensation of the speed. It provides the visceral expression of potency.  S550 looks subtle and elegant while the S63 has styling elements are more aggressive.

It comes up with the lower grille openings that are actually twin-bar grille, a racy rear diffuser, piano black exterior trim, AMG badges and quad exhaust pipes all contribute to an athletic look. In the moments of raining it offered opportunities for S-Class coupe to flex the substantial muscle and to show off the refined chassis. There is no hint of turbo lag and is aided by all 4 wheels that are crawling at the pavement while acceleration is exhilarating to its addictive. Anything that is more than a gentle nudge to the go-pedal can bring out the beast lurking within it. Take it easy, and don’t worry as the big coupe is calm, quiet and cool.

The only disadvantage is that it has delayed engagement in moving from the park or during the reverse of drive though the multi-touch unit is a delight, precise, snapping off quick up shifts as well as intuitively downshifting under the braking.

Brakes are exceptional as well. Big rotors can make very quick work for halting the heavy coupe, while easy modulation allows limo-like and gentle stops in normal traffic. Two modes of suspension that are sport and comfort allow the drivers to tailor the ride and handling that suit the situation. Differences are though subtle but both of the settings give a nice balance of luxury and athleticism. Curve tilting is the component of the magic control body of the Mercedes and leans the vehicle body in the corners. The main goal is to provide comfortable ride to the passengers as well as driver.

A wide TFT display which hosts both the center infotainment display and the instrument cluster is visual centerpiece of dash. The rich appointments of the cabin balance the modern technology. Elegant switchgear, fine wood and the piano black trim the complement liberal use of the soft leather as well as Alcantara. A flooded section of the road is not an obstacle for it. Adaptive cruise control, rear and front collision avoidance, blind-spot assist. Lane keep assist, and steering assist are available. Thu the vehicle is quite adaptive to drive itself.  The sound of this luxury car is distortion free as well as crisp.

Fantastic aesthetics, marvelous technology and joyful driving are the main advantages of this while disadvantages include non-exotic nameplate and near-exotic price. The cars is of high price thus this luxury is not for the ordinary people but only the wealthy need can apply for this.

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