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#1 Typing Software: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition v2

#1 Typing Software: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition v2
November 12
17:16 2017

This is the new version of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition which helps in developing your typing skills using a proven approach in order to learn & one success at a time. There have been added 12 types of interfaces in this & with 12 interface themes as well as countless programs options to adapt to age, needs & the style which helps you to master the basics of typing at your own pace & even one can see the successful results in just 8 hours. This is highly suitable for anyone wanting to learn to type from ages 8-88.


Just follow these 7 easy steps in order to achieve the typing success. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Set Your Personal Goal

Success-based learning begins with setting a personal challenge level for speed & accuracy that you work towards as you complete lessons.

Step 2: Learn Good Posture Habits
A virtual reality model demonstrates correct body & hand shape.

Step 3: Typing Technique

Video & interactive graphics teach you typing technique, finger names & home row position.

Step 4: Learn New Keys One Stage at a Time

Systematically develop new keystrokes, blending them into pairs, chains, words & sentences.

Step 5: Build Your Skill by Using It

For each lesson, you complete a corresponding skill check using real-world typing challenges to ensure your progress.

Step 6: Practice Excellent Typing at all Times

Timed typing tests give standardized performance results that you can put on your CV.

Step 7: Celebrate Your Success

After just 8 hours of using this software, you can master typing basics & more.

What is new?

  • Typing Game Zone: Test your accuracy & brain power. Begin as a novice & master all 6 levels to achieve Wizard status.
  • 12 Updated videos illustrate tension relief techniques that promote healthy typing.
  • New & Improved more user-friendly interface.

System Requirements

Platform ·         Windows XP

·         Windows Vista 32-bit

·         Windows 7

·         Windows 8

·         Windows 10


  • 512MB RAM
  • 600MB of free hard disk space
  • Video Card & Sound Card
  • keyboard & mouse
  • Speakers or headphones.

*Minimum full display after automatic re-configuration is 800 x 600 but the program can operate on a Netbook device with a 1028×540 resolution. *High-quality audio system or headset is recommended.

#1 Typing Software: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition v2 - overview
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5

Summary: If you want to be the master in typing then a recommended software must be used by the name Mavis Beacon, Teaching Typing. It is full of learning that will make you master & it is useful for the person (age: 8-88)

4 Good
4 out of 5

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