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Why Does Dance Carry the Most Stigmas? Dance Is Now Making Space In The Pakistan!!!

Why Does Dance Carry the Most Stigmas? Dance Is Now Making Space In The Pakistan!!!
July 02
11:48 2017

The president of the Art Council named Muhammad Ahmed Shah says that:

“Because woman bodies are involved in this”

It has been noticed that in Pakistan beside other types of the arts, the art of dance is carrying out the most of the stigma. Dance is considered as the stepchild if it is compared with the classical art forms like singing & music & also it is highly acceptable. The western form of the dance productions is famous mostly due to the following 2 & important reasons & those are:

  • It catches the audience fancies
  • It catches the sponsor’s funding

In Pakistan, there are odd views about the dance but recently in Karachi festival 2 days based mega event held by the title named “Karachi Dance Festival 2017”. From around the country, different skills were praised here & including the followings:

  • Featured performances
  • Panel discussions by over 150 folks
  • Classical dances
  • Modern dances, etc

According to the president of Art Council, the whole festival was covered with the entire country talent. This institution always tried its best to urge the promotion of the art forms past 64 to 65 years & this try is still continued. Many festivals held in the past based on the group based dances but not such a type of the biggest festival was covered under the media & this was the best try that they made. In this festival, different dancers were invited from different corners & also the dancers from Gilgit were invited & many contemporary dancers were there.

Dance has been considered as the most appreciating culture in the Pakistan but within some limitations not beyond this. In 70 years, this was the 1st dance festival. It has been reported that sooner such type of festival will again be there in Pakistan. There is a strong heritage of dance in the Pakistan. There is a statue of the Dancing Girl from Mohenjo-Daro that is the proof of dance being existed in our culture even 5,000 years ago. But, People then danced back, so why not now?

Dance is actually hidden in our happiness & this cannot be drawn out from the spirits. There were not only the dance performances but there were also some gossips & discussions about the dances & their aspects & it was also discussed that why & how the dance has become the most important part of the society. This dance art always opens up the mind. In our country, “TABOOS” dance form is quite famous. But, this dance form is highly risky. This is highly intuitive.

There was the great feedback of this festival & next festival will be level next. More things will be added there & in that many heritages of the Pakistan was shown. So keep your chin up & wait for the next & keep in touch here. We all hope that next will be the best festival. Go for it!

Why Does Dance Carry the Most Stigmas? Dance Is Now Making Space In The Pakistan!!! - overview

Summary: Dance is the freshness of spirit. It elaborates the culture of the place. In Pakistan, a Karachi Dance Festival 2017 was held that gives the best impression of the dance.


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