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Uber: Company Must Maintain Integrity; Go For It & Sign for It Now

Uber: Company Must Maintain Integrity; Go For It & Sign for It Now
October 31
11:52 2017

Uber is an American technology company that has been founded in the March 2009 & has been headquartered in the San Francisco, United States & in California which has been operated almost worldwide in about 633 countries. It is a type of privately held company. It is very important to maintain the integrity of the company in the form of pure service, security, time management & fair price. Uber demands using own cars & also the cars can be rented to the drivers in order to carry out the services.

Operation, Pricing & Payment Options

As a whole, the operation of this Uber Company or service is very simple. This requires an Uber app which should be installed in the smartphone of drivers as well as the user who wants to use the service of Uber. All users must have an access in order to achieve the website services of Uber. Uber offers UPFRONT PRICING in most cities where a rider quotes the fare before he or she requests the ride. In some cities, upfront pricing is not applicable & there a term known as TAXIMETER is used, in which Uber calculates the distance & tells their customers the fair price. In some areas, the promotional rides are also there were at the end of the ride; the payment is usually based on the rider’s pre-selected preferences through the credit card or payment options. Google wallet is another option. Airtel mobile wallet or UPI can be used. This is the way to pay the Uber service.

It has been reported that in London, the Uber has been banned. The name of the CEO of Uber is Dara Khosrowshahi & he has notified the employees of Uber to show integrity in order to make sure the better services of the Company. Khosrowshahi has told Uber employees that “there is a high cost to a bad reputation.”

Below is the report of reporter Eric Newcomber who was 1st to report the post on the Twitter through Bloomberg. Also, the Uber representatives have also authenticated the report.

Uber is a good & highly secured Company which should be signed in now & this requires you to sign in which includes a simple format of the signing in & before that you need to add some necessary elements in that format. The format is below in the figure:

Uber: Company Must Maintain Integrity; Go For It & Sign for It Now - overview

Summary: Uber is an American technology service which provides the services in the form of renting a car through the mobile apps & the websites. It is well-recommended service.



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