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Prisma’s New Funny Sticker Maker App: Sticky AI

Prisma’s New Funny Sticker Maker App: Sticky AI
July 07
19:51 2017

Something to know About the Prisma’s Labs

Prisma Labs is offering a very interesting photo editing app that is known as the “Prisma”. Prisma helps in transforming the photos & the videos in the form of the styles & those styles are mitigates of the famous artists, like:

  • Van Gogh
  • Picasso
  • Levitan, etc

Not only the artists but also the famous ornaments & the patterns are also styled in this app. It is the great combination of creativity & interesting things present in the app. Now, Prisma Lab has been offering the new app called Sticky AI.

Sticky AI: The New Funny Sticker Making App by the Prisma Lab

Prisma Lab has been offering a new app called “Stick AI”. This is another art filter app powered by the company that makes the look even much better than before. This app, instead of using the network which is neural based directly transforms the work of the art uses the different technique, like:

  • Setting its sight a bit lower
  • In order to use the funny stickers in the iMessage & creating them for the fun bases & thus offers great selfie
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • More things to do, etc

The main & major aim or goal of this app is highly ambitious & it is highly based on the artistic manner. If one really wants to enjoy the features of this app, then it will do the best part for you & you guys will definitely enjoy it. From my side, this is highly recommended app for the purpose of the fun experience.

How to Use this Stick AI Funny Sticker Making App

After the opening up of this app, it is up to you that you can either snap a picture or you can also import it from the photo library of you. Then, Sticky AI will instantly cut out the background of the picture that you select in order to leave just the people on a transparent background. Apparently, all the image processing is done directly on the device of the user. Alternatively, one can also press & can hold the camera button in order to take a couple seconds of burst shots.  Those couple seconds bursts shots will automatically be stitched together into an animated sticker or in the form of the GIF, depending on what your messaging app of choice supports.

This all is about the usage of the funny sticker making app & else you will have to do nothing. There are present 2 filters in this app & those 2 filters are:

  1. Black
  2. White

This app allows the cartoonish style. This style can be added to the picture of the person. The background can be changed from solid to any style. The finished sticker can be then used in the followings:

  • iMessage
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Skype, etc

It offers a great time & offers entertainment. This is well-recommended.

Prisma’s New Funny Sticker Maker App: Sticky AI - overview

Summary: Prisma Labs is offering a new app "Stick AI"which aids in the making of funny stickers that are used in different social medias & it offer great entertaining time.


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