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Most Common Summer Fruits & their Benefits for Your Body

Most Common Summer Fruits & their Benefits for Your Body
November 12
16:55 2017

In summer, dehydration becomes common as consumption of water occurs rapidly & therefore it should be maintained that water equivalent fruits should be taken. Summer is the time to keep the body hydrated & nourished more than ever. With the sun wrecking havoc, it is easy not only to lose your cool but also body energy. The heat can drain you more than you think, especially if you have a job that keeps you outdoors. There have been listed some fruits that a person should have in a bag to instantly boost the energy levels every summer.


This benefit by keeping you cool down. It is low calorie based, high in fiber, anti-oxidant, high water content, controls blood pressure & a very good source of potassium, vitamin C, K & A. This can be taken anytime in the day by putting some black salt.

Grapes greatly cure a migraine & indigestion & are good for vision, asthma & skin. This also protects against sunburn. It is also an anti-aging agent. Grapes are low in saturated fats, cholesterol & sodium. This is the best source of vitamin C & K. The best way for eating grapes is to dip them in the yogurt on a hot afternoon & this will give a cooling effect.

Oranges prevent cancer & kidney-related diseases, also reduce the risk of liver cancer, also well for the skin & blood pressure, alkalizes the body, contains smart carbs (carbohydrates). This is the source of vitamin C & A (precursors), calcium, potassium as well as pectin.

Watermelon is good for the bones, helps in reducing the body weight, regulates the action of nerves & muscles, improves the vision & prevents the cell damage as well as cardiovascular diseases. This is the good source of vitamin C & A as well as potassium. It should be sliced with cheddar cheese & will make the day.
Apple helps in curbing all kinds of cancer & also protects from Alzheimer’s. This Reduces the cholesterol boosts your immune system & prevents gall bladder stones. It is a great source of vitamin C & provides dietary fibers. This should be taken with chat masala.
This is a short list of some fruits in the summer while other fruits are:

  • Strawberry
  • Starfruit
  • Kiwi, etc

I would like to say that these fruits should be the routine of a person in the summer that will keep hydrate all the day & you will feel active & cool. Go for it.

Most Common Summer Fruits & their Benefits for Your Body - overview

Summary: In summer, some specific fruits are consumed in order to tackle the problems due to dehydration as more water gets consumed due to the havoc of the sun. The recommended fruits should be used in the summer in order to keep yourself cool & active.



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