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Justin Bieber Involved in Street Brawl

Justin Bieber Involved in Street Brawl
February 01
16:35 2017

The guy is known & famous by name Justin Bieber whereas the whole good name of him is Justin Grew Bieber who was born on 1st march, 1994 in London & he is a great Canadian singer as well as songwriter. He started his career in young age. He won so many awards based on the voting of the fans of him. His videos are not famous only on YouTube but he also cracked million of the videos on Vevo. He is among 1st ten most famous celebrities & he has been reputed best. He launched much music & songs & his songs are famous among the youngsters. He built his own name through strong determination.

Justin Bieber Caught in Street Brawl

On 8th June 2016, Justin Bieber got into a fight that was highly violent with some guy in Cleveland. According to that guy, Justin Bieber first punched him so the guy is thinking or threatening him to sue very soon. The name of that guy is Lamont Richmond who was along with the 2 women before the fight began.

According to Lamont, Justin started the fight & he also called him by abusing him, in the revenge of which the guy threatened him to sue Justin back. This fight was happened to place the night & shot by the media near 11 pm & the guy whom the Justin fights with was a bigger one than him.

According to the media, the guy 1st punched from the back of the head of Justin & in return, Justin threw back the punch on him right on his face & then it continued. People saw this & they also tried to get enter in the fight but the fight ended spilling to the ground. The reason for the fight is yet unclear but there are some controversies by the media as it happens. He was wearing the shirt of the Cleveland as he has participated in some game.

Reason behind the Fight

It has been reported by the media that Lamont actually asked him for an autograph & a photograph but Justin denied saying that no autographs for today & this is the reason that the fight started against the Justin tried to take it relax & also suggested to Lamont to take this matter seriously but Lamont decided to sue him back & he met his lawyer for this purpose. Lamont has not been injured; on what base he will sue Justin is a question yet.

Scenario after the Street Brawl

After the fight, everything seemed to be normal by the Justin & he took all as nothing to worry. Even on June 9, he shot his selfie on the internet in order to show that entire he has not been injured so far & he is just fine. After the fight with Lamont, he covered the face in order to avoid any controversy by the media & he just not wanted to be involved in all these matters. The fight could not shake him at all. You will be the wonder that right after the party he chilled out & also partied with the Cleveland Cavaliers cheerleader named Olivia Mitnick. But, they are the friend who is warning Justin to be aware of any breakdown & that he should be ready for any action.

Reviews of His Ex after the Violent Fight

It has been observed that ex-girlfriend of Justin named Selena Gomez gets worried & she got pressurized if Justin caught in some problem. After this fight, the remarks of Selena were sadly & by her reviews it had been noticed that she did not felt good for Justin. Justin is just fine & he has nothing to do with this fight & he just feels like it had done nothing. The ex of him is furious about him. Selena just hates seeing Justin be some worry & she just thinks that this stupidity will not work at all for him & his career, he should be careful. She also said that she will always be with him whenever he will be in some worry every time.

Justin Bieber Involved in Street Brawl - overview

Summary: Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He is highly talented & you can view his discovery via YouTube & other multi-platinum record.



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