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Independence Day of Pakistan

Independence Day of Pakistan
August 14
08:57 2016

It has been reported that every year, on the 14th of august, Independence day celebrated in Pakistan & in all those parts of the world where Pakistani lives. Pakistan is the place of living & it has been officially called as the Islamic Republic of the Pakistan. This nation is the place of love & prosperity where people used to live in the name of Islam to increase the message of love. Pakistan is a country located in the South Asia & also the biggest country considered to be at 6th number regarding the population. Annually, Independence Day has been celebrated with a great zest by the people of this nation. This day is celebrated to express the happiness that on this day Pakistan becomes the independent country. In 1947, by the British rule, the freedom was gained of the Indian subcontinent. This day especially marks the strength, patriotism & unity of the Pakistanis.

What Is The Background of Independence Day of Pakistan?

During the British rule, the idea for making the separate nation came into being & it has been reported that this nation which now is known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was actually the part of the India. The idea for the separate nation was then created. Muhammad Ali Jinnah played his best role & he worked really very hard for the purpose of the separate nation where the Muslims can live without any tension according to the rules of the Islam. In 1906, all India Muslim League came into being & this was the time when a history of the nation began. This League was made for the Muslims in India & the main interest was this focus, but this could not happen as there was the force of the Indians.


In the 1940s, the founder of the Pakistan known as Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave the idea of 2 nation theory the purpose of which was to give the Muslims their right. Based on the religious facts, the base of 2 nations was created. Finally, the day came when Pakistan becomes the independent nation & this foundation occurred on the 14th of August, 1947. For the fulfillment of this whole idea, many efforts were made & founder as well as the Muslims did hard work & gave so many sacrifices.

How Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated?

It has been seen that the Independence Day of Pakistan has been celebrated with zest & houses, markets & places get decorated with the flags & green/white colors, balloons, etc. The flag of the Pakistan is made of the combination of 2 colors. Green & the white color make the combination. The green color is the majority that shows the strength of the Muslims, & a crescent shaped the moon is there with the star that is five-sided pointed one. The white color is on the hoist side that shows the minorities & symbolizes the minorities of other religions.

On this day, people of the Pakistan including younger, elder, children, etc dress up themselves with the color of the flag of the Pakistan & then celebrate this day with happiness. A national holiday announced this day so that people can celebrate this day without any tension of the work & in schools & colleges many ceremonies happened where students debates & do speeches on the importance of this day.

Why Pakistan Celebrates Independence Day on 14 August?

The creation of the 2 nations happened at the midnight of the 14thausgust, 1947. India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August but Pakistan does it on 14th August, why? Previously, the Independence Day of Pakistan was also celebrated on the 15t August but then advanced to the 14th August. Pakistan decided to celebrate this day because on that day there was 27th of Ramadan & this is considered to be the auspicious day, which was the main & big reason that the Independent day of Pakistan celebrated on this day.

I am also being celebrating this day with great happiness; I decorated my house & outer of my house with lanterns, lights & flags. I not only did this but also prepared myself & dressed with green & white color. I want to say that I love my nation & patriotism is the part of my blood. May ALLAH bless this nation with success, prosperity & happiness. Pakistan zindabad!



Independence Day of Pakistan - overview

Summary: Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on 14th August & the creation of s separate nation came into being on 14 August, 1947. This day has been celebrated for the purpose of unity & patriotism.



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