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Is there any gamble of Hillary Clinton to drop out from US Election Battle?

Is there any gamble of Hillary Clinton to drop out from US Election Battle?
October 05
11:04 2016

 After Hillary Clinton is being diagnosed with pneumonia, different assumptions starting to arise about her to opt out from the presidential race.

At an event in New York on Friday, Hillary Clinton started to faint and dehydrated after a prolonged cough after her doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia.

After the arrival of such sad news for her & trump voters, a new question has been aroused either is there being any chance of her drop out from the presidential campaign??

Donald Trump, Republican rival has questioned her health, saying she does not have enough of power and stamina to become commander in chief of United States.

What do you think these words suits on Trump?

Well what I say yes by keeping view on his recent debates! As a professional person these words don’t suits Donald trump but he couldn’t be stopped in any way as it is his hobby to speak so.

Polling is to be taken place on November 6, with less than two months to go, could this damages her chances at becoming president of United States?

Can this happens if she would be forced to withdraw from the race?

Emergency Plan:

The Democratic National party has an emergency plan in place, if something terrible going to happens.

According to Section 7 of Article 2 of DNC Bylaws a meeting can be named by the chairperson of committee to choose a new contestant on basis of the decision thru by the majority in attendance.

This newly selected candidate can then contest the election for president of United States.

Her Dr. Bardack has said in a statement earlier that she was experiencing cough from a long period of time & after her prolonged cough on Friday, she was finally diagnosed with pneumonia.

She has been advised to take rest and her schedule has been modified.

She has also dodged her press conference which was due from last nine months looks that she is hiding & dodging to avoid all in a sudden just to remain unasked on her infinite scandals. Does she fear of questions or there is something else?

According to the doctor she is now on fast recovery and was being re-hydrated.

Clinton is currently 68, and she is 2 years younger than Donald Trump, who is her opponent. But there is one thing interesting about Donald trump that he hadn’t face any trouble or episode like this, despite he travels more and do more public appearances.

What do you think if you are a democratic voter?

Has anything to share? Say it in comments.

About the Author: 

Asim Masoom Zubair is a professional political writer. He has a unique and huge interest in International Affairs & Politics, he has a huge fan following due to his critical views on the political scenario. Find him on Twitter here: @asim_mz


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