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Great Revolution in the Subscriptions of Pakistan Broadband: Have a Look!

Great Revolution in the Subscriptions of Pakistan Broadband: Have a Look!
January 18
08:40 2018

In Pakistan, it has been reported that the subscription of the broadband which is including 3G or 4G has been revolutionized in the way that it has almost passed or crossed 50 million users & it has been noticed for the 1st time in Pakistan. Really, it is a big change for the companies introducing the broadband services. In fact, I have also been using PTCL 3G EVO Wingle device. This broadband subscription has been showing penetration to round about 2.4 percent & it has been reported until the last year in November.

Up till now, there are about 48 million users cotoributing in the mobile broadband services. Till this period, the broadband services like 3G & 4G have been using much. According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has reported about 23.5 percent of the penetration in the broadband services registration. It is very interesting knowing that Jazz is the service providing maximum # of the mobile phone users & these are estimated about 144 million with the teledensity of 70.83 percent.

On the other hand, Zong is the service where there are about 9.0297 million 3G subscribers while there has been noticed 4.9 million increment in the users. Whereas, in Telenor, there has been noticed a decrease from about 10.635 million users to about 10.591 million users & it has been noticed in the end of the October 2017. Among 4G users of Telenor, there has been noticed increment with 1, 361, 514 users. Till the date of today, there have been noticed about 5.57 million users of the Ufone.

You must have noticed about the daily usage of Careem as well Uber. Both services have been providing superb functions to their customers. Both have been used much & this is the major reason behind those people who have been shifting towards the 3G as well as 4G. Another reason lying behind the usage of the broadband services is the growing popularity of the social media among the youth. PTA is now heading towards the formulation of the framework of the 5G & this will be a great revolution. Several steps have been taken in order to improve the internet services in Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan but many other organizations have also been proving these kinds of the services. Since 2014, there has been noticed an increase in the mobile subscriptions. In future, there has been expected much increase in the broadband subscriptions.

Great Revolution in the Subscriptions of Pakistan Broadband: Have a Look! - overview

Summary: Worldwide broadband services subscription has been increasing day by day & in Pakistan it has crossed about 50 millions marks broadband subscription.



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