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Facebook Paper: A Standalone Mobile App by Facebook. Has It Been Discontinued?

Facebook Paper: A Standalone Mobile App by Facebook. Has It Been Discontinued?
April 18
10:21 2017

Facebook Paper was the best app that has been invented, designed & created by the Facebook owners. What is this? What was the purpose of this mobile app? Where can one get it? This all will be explained here by me. In my smartphone, I had been using this mobile app & I was much impressed with the invention of the Facebook. It was highly satisfactory, very addictive as well as joyful. I would like to recommend this mobile app to all of you who are currently reading this review article but unfortunately this mobile app has been discontinued. You cannot even imagine the whole world of the Facebook as there were about 1.25 billion users of it & this mobile app has just get in. It can go beyond as it was getting successful throughout. What happened then?

What Is Facebook Paper?

Facebook Paper was actually a mobile app that was designed by the Facebook & this was considered equivalent to the magazines & the newspapers but this app was compatible with the only iOS & thus not had been considered compatible with an android system. Initially, it was released on February 3, 2014, but unfortunately, this mobile has been discontinued & shutdown after July 29, 2016. It has been observed that the users are no longer able to get logged in this mobile app. Now there is no any support for this mobile app by the Facebook developers.

What Were the Features of Facebook Paper?

The following features of this mobile app are as follows:

  • This paper contained a large bundle of the contents
  • The one displays showed much of the content
  • There was a grid structure
  • The contents were highly discoverable
  • Scrolling was able to be done by the reader without overwhelming
  • A separate gesture by the usage of the tilting mode
  • Loaded high resolution based videos, images, photos, clips, etc
  • Loaded more updates of the status in the detail
  • Allowed to get entered by finger scrolling to the next item easily
  • The display seemed like a magazine that attracts the reader
  • Different social updates were there
  • The contents have also collaborated with the 3rd party contribution
  • 1st collaboration was with the TED, etc

Good Features to Know About the Facebook Paper?

The features which are in the favor of this mobile app are as follows:

  • This was having the good, attractive as well as fresh design
  • The interface was quite simpler & easy in the use
  • There were available many useful contents like newspapers & magazine
  • The display was as fascinating for the reader like some magazine
  • This mobile app was not able to replace the Facebook’s original app & that is the reason that this is the best mobile app

Bad Features to Know About the Facebook Paper

The features which are not in the favor of this mobile app are as follows:

  • This mobile app seemed to support certain other publishers
  • The news categories were highly unimpressive
  • This worked only when a reader get online but offline features are absent
  • This was available for US citizenship holders, etc

This Facebook Paper has been discontinued just because the this could not attract many users likewise the users of the Facebook & the business get down that causes the result of the shutdown of this mobile app. It has also been reported that this mobile app had so many ads & thus it happened. It could be better if improved. This is all about Facebook Paper mobile app.

Facebook Paper: A Standalone Mobile App by Facebook. Has It Been Discontinued? - overview
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5

Summary: Facebook Paper is a mobile app that has been created by the Facebook Owners. This had been designed for the purpose of the magazines & the newspapers in the form a display on the screen of mobile but only compatible with the iOS & this has been discontinued now due to fewer users.

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4 out of 5

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