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Descript: Groupon Founder’s New App for Editing the Audio files from the Texts Directly

Descript: Groupon Founder’s New App for Editing the Audio files from the Texts Directly
January 02
13:52 2018

Andrew Masson has now introduced a new app by the name Descript after the last app introduction. He is actually the co-founder as well as the former CEO of Groupon Founder Company & he keeps on introducing the new things like he introduced this time a new known as Descript, the main purpose of which is to introduce the editing the audio files directly from the texts. I heard about the app & then I tried it myself & thus depending on my personal experience I would recommend this app to you guys.

Actually, this app is the innovation based on the audio technology. It is supposed allowing the audio editors which make some changes in the audio files just by editing the text transcriptions related to that audio file. This idea he developed in order to make easy the working on audio files which can help different disciplines like podcasters, journalists & musicians, etc. in a words processing documents, those people try to edit the words but this app will make sure the editing of single audio track based on the editing words. He firstly does experiment this app as an in-house app but now this has been introduced in the company & different disciplines have been using it too.

Working of Descript App

The working of this app is based on the alignment of the audio text. This is useful as well as working app. It has been noticed that from the audio file, a text-based transcription is generated. From here, a working on the machine is started which helps in matching the audio files as well as the text version between the 2 aspects. To each & every word, usually, a time code is assigned. If you want to delete the word from the text using the text editor, you will do it using this simple app before the synchronization immediately after the text. Different effects can be added using this app as there is also introduced waveform editor. In this way, users can work well.

The availability of this app is quite easy. It is available on the website. This has been rolled out in the market. There are available 2 versions of this app & those are:

  1. A standard version of the app which costs $20 only a month (Initially, this deal costs about $10 a month)
  2. Another version of the app is totally free but as it is free of cost, so it does not offer editing tools which are required but these are available in the standard version

It has been noticed that paid version costs $0.7 per minutes for the transcript services while in a free version; the transcript fee is about $0.15 per minute.

Descript: Groupon Founder’s New App for Editing the Audio files from the Texts Directly - overview
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
3out of 5
4out of 5

Summary: Groupon Founder's former CEO Mason has introduced a new audio file editing app known as the Descript from the text file subscription. This app is superb in the functioning & easy to use & there are 2 versions of this app. one is standard & paid while another is totally free.

3.8 Good
3.8 out of 5


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