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Basis Band Fitness Tracker: A Carbon Steel Edition

Basis Band Fitness Tracker: A Carbon Steel Edition
April 17
18:04 2017

Basis Band is the fitness tracker that is different from other tracking devices as it is highly related to the sleep pattern. This is newly carbon steel edition of the tracking device. It has been designed for the counting of the sleeping hours. If you want to improve the sleep pattern, this is the best tracking device that has been invented. It also looks best & when your wear it on the wrist, it looks like you are wearing some wristwatch. It is the well-recommended tracking device. In fact, I have been using this tracking device too. You will definitely like the working & the performance of this fitness tracker.

Features & Specs of Basis Band Fitness Tracker

The features & specs of this fitness tracker are as follows:

  • Different key specs are as follows:
  1. It is wristwatch type in the look
  2. It is having a good display
  3. The battery life works up to 4 days
  4. There are no media control playbacks in this device
  • It follows the following tracking metrics:
  1. Tracks the motion
  2. Tracks the steps taken by the wearer
  3. Tracks & measures the heart rate of the person wearing this device
  4. Burning off the calories is counted & measured by this device
  5. Well designed & specialized in tracking the sleep patterns
  • It gives the best fitness analysis
  • There are no multiple user interfaces in it
  • It is highly water resistant
  • The connectivity basis is 2 types:
  1. It can be wired using the USB
  2. It can be wireless through the Bluetooth connectivity
  • The battery is rechargeable
  • There is present a battery indicator that indicates the full as well as low charging of the tracking device
  • The cost price of this fitness tracker is $199.00 only.

Best Features to Know About the Basis Band Fitness Tracker

The features which are in the favor of this fitness tracker are as follows:

  • This automatically measures the pattern of the sleep
  • It captures the more data than your thinking
  • The sleep patterns are detailed using the fun graphs which are joy able feature
  • It tracks the heart rate, sleep pattern, steps, distance, calories burned automatically & let you know
  • It is compatible with the IOS while some android smartphone too.
  • It shows synchronization of data on the basis of wireless & without wireless feature
  • The design of this is handy
  • It is comfortable in wearing
  • It is having a motivational software, etc

Bad Features to Know About Basis Band Fitness Tracker

The features which are not in the favor of this tracking device are as follows:

  • The design is sometimes chunky
  • Are you sleeping well or not? There is no feedback as well as a context that let you know about this.
  • There is no built-in alarm
  • It is big in the design
  • It is bulky
  • It is expensive in cost as compared to other health fitness tracking devices, etc

There are many products & gadgets related to the fitness & health & acts as the fitness tracker but there are fewer gadgets that could indicate the pattern of the sleep. This is the specialized feature of Basis Band fitness Tracker that allows the measurement & tracking of the sleep pattern. This is highly recommended. It can be expensive but once it needs checking. Go for it now & let me know your satisfaction after using it. Best of luck!

Basis Band Fitness Tracker: A Carbon Steel Edition - overview
4out of 5
4out of 5
4out of 5
5out of 5
Battery life
4out of 5
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Summary: Basis Band is the fitness tracker that helps in maintaining the health as well as fitness of the person wearing it. It is just expensive as compared to other fitness tracking devices.

4 Good
4 out of 5

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